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Product Review: Wet Together Lubricant

Posted on: September 19, 2010

I should have known I wouldn’t like this lube. The “For Her” lube boasts that it’s “tingling!” and his is “warming!” Warming is something I think I would enjoy. Tingling is something I have always been pretty sure I wouldn’t.

I didn’t.

First I applied the “For Him” lube to him – because I love giving a slick handjob and I love the expression on his face when I do. I could feel the warming sensation on my hand as I rubbed it up and down his penis, and thought it was quite a nice sensation. Now, this lube is entirely Glycerin, which means it was very thick and didn’t stay that slick for very long. As soon as I felt like it was starting to wear out, I took my hand away and poured the “For Her” lube into mine. (I didn’t trust him not to get silicone on my sheets, ok?)

The cool thing about this lube is that the “Him” is a glycerin-based lube, and the “Her” is a silicone-based, so they won’t blend together. In fact, if you pour “Hers” on the back of your hand and spread it around, then pour “His” on top, you can watch it bead and glide across your hand, which suggests you should expect a nice frictionless smooth ride during sex. This was definitely the case.

But the *tingling!* As soon as I applied it, it started making everything feel all funny. Not bad, not stinging (like some lubes I’ve had a bad reaction to in the past), but just weird. And it was cold. Ajax could tell immediately that I didn’t really like it. I told him it wasn’t bad, and that he should put his penis inside of me so we could see how they worked together. I don’t know if it was the amounts of lube, if there was more of mine than his, but the nice warming feeling on his penis was immediately overwhelmed by the cold and tingly feeling of my vagina engulfing him. (Cold shower, anyone?)

The tingling got less annoying as time went on – I don’t know if I just got used to it, or what – but never enjoyable. It was like having sex after a day of really bad snowboarding. You know, the day you spend more time on your butt in the snow than you do actually riding down the mountain on your board: your entire butt and vulva are cold and numb.

And then, to make me more disgruntled, this lube did not “Easily wash away with mild soap and warm water.” I gently scrubbed with a warm, soapy washcloth, and still was feeling that tingly sensation afterwards. I normally don’t mind that silicone lube leaves that soft “just-lotioned” feeling behind, but since this had the added “tingle,” I was not happy.

Neither of us particularly liked this lube, but it worked just fine (like a good silicone lube usually does; long-lasting, doesn’t get sticky, stays slick, etc.) and really what we didn’t like was the tingling. If that’s your thing, this lube should be right up your alley.

It should be noted that this “Together” lube doesn’t really work as intended if you’re using condoms. They won’t interact and you’ll both just get the “For You” lube sensation. I wouldn’t have thought this needed to be stated, but it’s definitely a thought that doesn’t cross everybody’s mind until they’re already at home, ready to use the lube, and going, “Wait a minute…”

[I recieved this lube from Wet as a free sample pack to try because I work at a retailer that sells it and they wanted us to be able to use their products to better inform our customers. I did not recieve money for this review and am not affiliated with the manufacturer.]

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