Organics and Orgasms

When I started my foray into this “anal play” thing that I never in a million years thought I’d be interested in, I started with a silicone anal bead because I liked that it started off really small and I could take my time and insert as few or as many as I liked.

But I quickly got annoyed with how limited my interactions were with that toy. I wanted something that I could really feel filling me up. I wanted something where I could put pressure against the outside and feel it move inside of me. So I bought the Fuze plug, which is also 100% silicone.

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I was somebody who always thought that my ass had no place in sex, except possibly as something to grab onto for leverage. When I started thinking differently after a partner rubbed one of his fingers over the sensitive nerves of the pucker during the aforementioned using-my-butt-as-leverage during sex, I had to put in some effort to getting over my squeamishness. The Ophoria Rapture Anal Chain was my first step in the anal direction. I was drawn to the Ophoria beads over any of the others because of the material and because of the shape, and this toy makes a great one for the beginning anal explorer.

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I owned a cheap rabbit toy once when I was in college that was Not Good. It was one of those cheap rubbery non-flexible hard ones that has the bunny nose jabbing out at an angle that made my clit scream “WTF are you DOING?” I started using that toy with the dildo as a handle to hold the bunny’s back against my clit. It’s been about four years since then and since I’ve just rediscovered my ability to reach orgasm with a penis inside of me, I figured I’d give this dual-stimulator thing another chance.

I picked the Couture Rhythm because it’s 100% silicone (which feels way nicer sliding against your labia than a rubber toy, even with lube) and because I didn’t remember loving the rotating beads that most other rabbit vibes feature, especially considering how loud they are. I also liked the shape of the clitoral part, since I know I prefer a more pinpoint and strong clitoral vibration than something fluttery. (Which would be why I like the Form 2 and hate the Form 3, yes.)

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I had a fantastic and fulfilling experience the other night when one of our regular customers confided in me that his wife has MS and he wants to buy her a toy so she can masturbate again. Her disease is pretty far advanced and she doesn’t have much strength or motor control in her hands, so he wanted to know if we had toys that had buttons that were easy to press and weren’t too small so she could hold it. Read the rest of this entry »

Given the choice, I will buy most of my sex toys in 100% silicone. I like the feel of it, and I like that it doesn’t smell funny, and I like that it’s really easy to clean. I like that I can share a silicone toy with a partner, and then sterilize it once we aren’t having sex anymore. (Although, really, we use this as a selling point but who really uses sex toys with multiple partners? Usually you buy a toy with a specific person to use with them, and then if things don’t work out, somebody keeps the toy and somebody doesn’t get it, and the person who keeps it feels weird about using it with somebody else because it’s the toy they bought with their previous partner.)

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Before I forget: Prelimary feelings about the Form3.

It took me 20 minutes to come. 20 minutes!! I just wanted a quickie!

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The first thing I said after my boyfriend and I achieved simultaneous orgasm the other night was, “That’s the kind of thing you read about in erotica and think, ‘That doesn’t happen in real life.'”

(Fortunately he understood that what I meant was, “That was fucking fantastic and I love that I connect with you on this level. I have never experienced that with anybody before. If I were comfortable with the ‘L’ word, I would use it to describe how I feel for you right now.”)

Now I think this is a rare phenomenon – maybe just because I’d never experienced it before. But it just seems like with all the different people in the world, the different sensations that get people off, and the different amounts of time it takes for different people to orgasm, it seems like this “simultaneous orgasm” thing would be so rare it might as well never happen for all it effects us regular mortals.

This myth of simultaneous orgasm has become a staple of certain types of erotica. There’s this trope that, “If we love each other enough / if we’re perfect for each other we’ll connect on an entirely different level so our orgasms will actually happen together,” and people expect and want this to be true in real life. Looking deep into each others’ eyes and tipping into orgasm together.

Honestly, I think it’s that my boyfriend can choose to come whenever he wants, and just allows my orgasm to push him over the edge. (He confirmed this in conversation last night. Also, that orgasms when I’m on top are stronger and better. I win at sex!)

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